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To help you work from home without developing musculoskeletal injuries. 

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Ugo Akpala-Alimi

Chartered Physiotherapist. MSc. Ergonomics

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The pandemic happened. Ahhh!

For almost 20 years, I assessed and treated workers in their workplaces. It was straightforward.

But now, we work from home. It’s become messy trying to get the ‘ideal’ workspace or workstation with the space and furniture you have at home. Many times, your workstation setup increases your risk of injury and pain.

You have developed back pain, wrist pain, and knee pain from sitting and working in awkward postures and non-ideal workstations.

I know how it is.

I too developed wrist pain when I started working from home a few years ago. Yes, working from home, gave me wrist pain.

I was working off my dining table and I started experiencing a tingling sensation and pain from my right elbow down my wrist. It ached when I used the keyboard. It ached afterward. It started affecting other activities.

I hated working. I hated that I was in pain.

Here’s my story.


It Got Better

Thankfully, I knew how to fix me. I had to rearrange my workstation. Did physiotherapy on myself.  It took a couple of weeks but I was finally nailed it.

What a relief! I was able to work again pain-free.

But what about you?

Do you know how to protect yourself from injury?

And if you got injured, do you know how to fix yourself?

Do you know the cause of your injury?

Do you know about the safe neutral working posture?

I want to help you answer these nagging questions. And get you back working from home pain-free and safe.  


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working from home caused wrist pain

Bringing Office Ergonomics Home

You hear about all these ergonomic tips on the internet and wonder how you can apply it.

After all, you don’t work in an office anymore. Your employer is talking about hybrid working and full-time home office.

You probably don’t have the ideal ‘office’ space or a big budget to get the ‘state of the art’ ergonomic furniture. You just want to make the best of what you have.

I’ve got you!

And I here a trick or to two that would help you upgrade your workspace to become healthy, ergonomic and injury-free.

Why Work With Me?

Years as a Chartered Physiotherapist

Graduated with MSc. Ergonomics

Years consulting with companies

patients and workers assessed and treated

There’s More

I have worked both in the NHS (hospital and GP practices), private hospitals, and various occupational health teams including IPRS and Back in Action UK. I assessed, treated and resolved musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. And seen over 9,000 patients.

Qualified in 2012 from Loughborough University with a Masters degree in Ergonomics for Health Professionals. I have worked with numerous companies including Veolia, BP and UK Power Network (UKPN). Conducted various ergonomic assessments from Manual Handling to office ergonomics.

I love helping companies address work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) risks in their workplace. With my combined knowledge of being both a physiotherapist and Ergonomist, I have assessed, corrected, treated, and resolved pain and injuries amongst workers.


Registered Practitioner HCPC

“Ugo knows what she is on about. There’s no question too silly for her to answer. She always have the right answers. “

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