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It’s the times we live in now!

Working from home.

You’ve been working from home since the COVID lockdown and still going strong. Or maybe you only began a few months ago and love it. But it’s beginning to niggle, your back, neck, and shoulder.

It started as a discomfort that went easily when you adjusted. Now comes on immediately you sit at your workstation or workspace. You can’t type without your wrist sending off pins and needles. The desk chair get’s uncomfortable quickly, you keep changing postures but to no avail. Lately, your hip started aching when you get up from sitting. You have to limp a few steps before it settles back down. And let’s not get started on your neck. Throbbing and then getting headache and eyestrain. Working more than an hour gives you a migraine.

What are you to do?

You’ve tried getting the answers from the internet and have made numerous adjustments but still …

You are your own Health and Safety Officer

When you were working in the office, it was easy to follow the guidelines for using a computer workstation. You worked from a desk and office chair. It was easy to root out the cause of your pain and injury.

You had an office manager, facilities officer, or Health and Safety rep, for that. They knew what to do. You just had to ask and they came over to review your workstation. It was also easy for them. The office was designed for working and they have made it conducive for workers.  

Now all that has changed.

You are kind of left to your devices at home. Trying to turn your home space into an office. You’ve been left to figure out how to work safely and comfortably. It’s trickier than you thought, right?

It has left you with pain and injuries.

Who is looking after you?

Who tells you to stop using that hard chair because it would give you back pain?

Who trains you on how to protect yourself from working-from-home injuries?

Who gives you the best guidelines for buying home office furniture?

Who shows you how to sit and work?

How to optimise your home office workspace to be injury-proof?

How to prevent injuries?

And what to do when you get injured?

Creating an Injury-Proof Home Workspace

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an injury-proof home workspace?

An ergonomic office chair? A light and airy room? A nice décor? Sitting in an upright position? Zen and calming office?

Yes, they are all good but that’s not all that makes a healthy home space. That’s not what makes your home space comfortable, safe, and injury-proof.

I get asked these questions and you might be asking them too:

  • How can I make my home workspace injury-proof?
  • How do I set up a healthy workspace at home?
  • How can my home workspace be more comfortable?
  • Why are my office chair and desk still uncomfortable?
  • Why are my back and neck hurting when working at my workstation?
  • Why do I have eyestrain working at home?

Have you set up your home workstation as shown in the videos and are still not comfortable? Are you in pain home working?

Then this 7-day email course called ‘How to Make Your Home Workspace Injury-Proof’ is what you need to answer those questions. This is more than just setting up an ergonomic workstation. It would highlight the areas you need to pay attention to when setting your workspace, It shows you the mistakes you could make at the beginning. And it helps you put in place the right structures for a healthy and injury-proof home workspace.

Who Would be Showing you the Ropes

I’m Ugo Akpala-Alimi. For almost 20 years, I have been a Chartered Physiotherapist UK (Physical Therapist) and a Qualified Ergonomist. I started my career in the hospital (as you do) but was drawn to helping patients prevent injury and working safely. So I completed a Master’s programme in Ergonomics and I have helped companies assess and resolve their risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Ergohealth is all about helping you work from home without musculoskeletal injuries.

I took developed wrist injury, some years back. It took only 5 months after I started working from home and my right wrist was on fire. It was just a small niggle at first. But it then quickly escalated to sharp pain, ‘pins and needles’ (tingling sensation), sometimes radiating all the way to my elbows. This happened every time I sat at my workstation. My back and neck ached too.

Of course, I’m a Physiotherapist and it was my job to help prevent injuries. It was stupid of me not to heed my own advice.

I had failed woefully, to protect myself.

I took for granted that I’d be fine. It’s cocky, to think that as I was a Physiotherapist and Ergonomist, somehow, my home workspace was injury-proof.

Stupid, right?

It took me a good 6 months before my wrist healed. I learned the hard way to heed my own advice.

What About You?

But it got me thinking. If I got injured working from home, how about you? Who is showing you the ropes?

It’s never too late to start? Why not sign up today and learn how to set up an injury-proof home workspace?

As I said, this isn’t going to be a bunch of information you’ve read a hundred times before. It’s not your everyday ‘how to set up your workstation’. This email course is for people ready to take it up the notch to improve their home working status from the ‘the best office ergonomic chair to have’ to a step-to-step guide to working in an injury-proof home workspace that plummets your risk of back, neck, shoulder and knee pain.


If you are excited as I am, why don’t you share this free course with colleagues and home-working friends in your network.

Ugo is a Workplace Musculoskeletal Health Expert. She is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a master's degree in Ergonomics. 20 years of experience. Treated thousands of patients and workers. Conducted numerous work assessments across many industries. Worked with companies including BP, and UKPN. On a mission to help you work from home pain-free and reduce your risk of developing work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD).

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