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’75% of musculoskeletal injuries can be resolved by structured exercise rehabilitation and advice alone’.

American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PM R 2020 Oct;12 (10): 1028-1037

Who am I?

Injuries Treated

Profile of Ugo Akpala-Alimi. Founder of Ergohealth

Hi! I’m Ugo

I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist and Ergonomist

I have been a Physiotherapist for almost 20 years. Treated over 9500 patients and help workers return to work safely after an injury.

I have been helping companies prevent and resolve work-related musculoskeletal injuries for over 10 years.

I too started working from home and quickly developed wrist and back pain.

Check out more of my story here

I know how debilitating having a working injury can be. It slows you down. I know that from experience. My wrist pain is resolved now, but it took months for it to heal.

You too can have the same joy. I will help you get back to working from home pain-free.

The Difference

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Elbow pain

Wrist pain

Knee pain

Hand pain

Mid Back pain

Lower Back pain

Buttock pain

Hip pain

Heel pain

Ankle pain

Resolving work-related musculoskeletal disorder is more than just physiotherapy treatment.

Although WMSD is labelled the same as having, for example, back pain. More is required to analyse, treat and prevent it from returning.

In  the workplace, assessing risk factors can be straightforward because the same tools and equipment are used by everyone. Therefore, pin-pointing the root cause of injury can be applied to everyone.

However, applying the same principles in the home where we work from are a different kettle of fish.

Simply because every house is different. You might be working from your dressing table or a dining table. Each have different risk factors.

For example, working from a dressing table might pose the risk of glare from the glossy table or reduced leg room, leading to neck pain or knee pain, respectively.

While working from the dining table increases your risk of sharp edge injury causing carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist pain).

That’s what our pain-relieving exercise programme is all about.


They have been designed to;

  • create and plan out an individualised exercise programme designed to fit your lifestyle.
  • root out the risk factors from working from home
  • provide practical ways to work ergonomically with minimal risk to your health.
  • help you plan out your working day to reduce your risk of injury and still be productive.
  • resolve your injury and pain

How It Works

Initial Consultation

In-depth assessment of your injury, workstation and working routine. Speaking via a secure web chat to get a clear understanding of your situation.


After the initial appointment, a detailed recommendation would be outlined to address and treat your injury, root out the risk factors, and plan out an ergonomic solution to take you from pain to pain-free.

Customised exercise programme

The programme would include ergonomic advice and crystal-clear narrated exercises video mapped out in an award-winning app

Follow-up and Support

Regular follow up, instant messaging and tracking of your progress are all included in the programme.



  • Initial discovery questionnaire
  • 45-minute Video call consultation
  • Assessment of your various workstations. working space and posture
  • Personalised recommendation plan
  • One-off tailor-made exercise programme
  • Programmed mapped out in detail in an award-winning Exercise App
  • Exercise programme accessed directly from your phone
  • Support via email
  • Outcome measure and progressed accessed and monitored
  • Working shift ergonomic planner to minimise risk
  • 3 months regular webchat follow-up and revision
  • Unlimited instant messaging support and email
  • Ergonomics tips and advice to prevent further injury

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Ugo. We really appreciate you spending the day with us. Our staff very much enjoyed the opportunity to receive professional advice and guidance from you. And we can’t stop talking about your training.

Madeline Taylor

HR Advisor, Bilstein Group

Office Exercises Poster

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