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Find Out Why You’re in Pain

How long have you had that pain working from your computer?

Pain in the neck after working from your laptop.

Wrist pain after typing for 30 minutes.

Or is it back pain every time you sit. The pain hits you like a gale wind.

You can no longer sit for more than 40 mins. Before it becomes unbearable.

You’ve tried everything, sitting in a chair, lying down, reclining in a sofa, standing even.

But still it comes.

Working from home has become a painful delight. You love that you can work from home, but it hurts every time you do. You can’t ignore it anymore.

Well, you have come to the right place.

I would love to help you get to the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain.

I have been assessing workstations for over 12 years. And I can help you too.

You don’t have to suffer in silence any more.


Who am I?

Profile of Ugo Akpala-Alimi. Founder of Ergohealth

Hi! I’m Ugo

I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist and Ergonomist

For over 12 years, I have been helping companies assess their employee’s workstation. Helping them prevent and resolve work-related musculoskeletal injuries.

I too started working from home and quickly developed wrist and back pain from working at home.

Check out more of my story here

I know how debilitating having a working injury can be. It slows you down. You’d hate to repeat the same action or activity that exacerbates your pain. 

I know that from experience. My wrist pain is resolved now, but it took months for it to heal.

You too can have the same joy. I will help you get back to working from home pain-free.

Workstation Assessment

A virtual deep-dive into your current home working setup.

All the places and workstations you work from e.g. desk, sofa and kitchen table. The review would include;



How You Work


Where You Work


Your Posture


Furniture and Equipment


Your Pace of Work


Working Environment

How It Works


After sign-up you will receive an in-depth questionnaire to understand your needs and narrow down the root cause of your pain.

Uploading Setup Photo

You will upload photographs and measurements of your setup. Easy to follow description of measurements needed.

Assessment Report

A pdf report highlighting;

  • areas that need improvement
  • the root cause of your injury
  • how to improve your setup
  • equipment recommendation (if necessary)
  • action plan to further prevent injury

Thank you for your assessment. We ordered the furniture as soon as the assessment was received. Thank you for your advice on going for a trial period with the chair which was very useful.

Gavin Bennett

Deputy Head Teacher, Archbishop's School


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